a October 1st, 2011

  1. How Can One Bank Be So Bad?

    October 1, 2011 by myeye

    I have frequently lamented that my little community bank was raided by US Bank.  I have never been in the midst of such a cluster.  They changed all account numbers and offered a discount for check orders placed before September 15th.  So, I ordered checks for my business accounts.  The first set of checks was sent to an address from which I moved in December 2004 — of course they had the wrong address on them.  The bank reordered the checks and this time they arrived with the same color checks for both accounts and the incorrect account name on one of them.  So the bank reordered checks.  This time they arrived with the incorrect zip code on them.  So the bank reordered checks and they were correct.  In the meantime, however, the check printing company debited my account for the full price (no discount).  Then I received a bill for two discounted orders of checks with a late fee charged.  I went to the bank with all the stuff and pointed out my account had already been charged.  So the Bank contacted the check printer and to straighten it out, the check printer debited both accounts for a check order each.  So, more than a week ago I went back to the bank and showed the bank officer that they owed me for the original debit.  Thursday, I called the bank and asked if my account had been credited.  The bank could not figure out if they would be credited by the check printer or if my account would be credited directly.  I called back on Friday and was told it would be 7 to 10 business days before I was credited.  I pointed out it had been that long since I asked for the credit.  Bank officer said, but we just found out they will credit you directly so it’s 7 to 10 days from today.

    Meanwhile, my ATM card on my personal account was declined — what the heck?  I check my account on line and there was plenty of money to cover the $68 I was trying to debit.  I tried the card again and it was declined again.  So, I called the bank which reset my PIN.  Today I performed the reset and took out some money to pay my house helper.  I looked at the receipt and today, suddenly my personal ATM card is tied to one of my business accounts.  There is no one to call on Saturday, but Monday, I will be at the bank when it opens and I’m not going to be nice anymore.

    I really suggest you not do business with US Bank.

  2. Insider Information

    October 1, 2011 by myeye

    Some things that were apparently not disclosed last night on Dateline.

    1  The Cold Case Detective is no longer with the Police Department because he is a first hand expert in domestic abuse.  He punched his live-in girl  friend in the face.  If we had gone to trial, I would have qualified him as an expert.  That examination would have given me perverse pleasure.

    2.  Dateline researchers located the “friend” in Phoenix, but because he had not been located during the actual investigation, they did not interject him into the story.  When the Cold Case Detective (see number 1) was trying to find him, he sent letters to all the people with the same name in the Phoenix area asking if they had been involved with Ellen’s husband.  Wow!  What a surprise! No one raised his hand and said, “Yep.  It was I.”

    3.  The ranting sister was estranged from her brother.  He went out of his way to avoid any contact with her.  I suspect she feels dreadfully guilty about that.

    4.  The deceased’s family has shunned his daughter (only child), so she not only lost a parent, she lost grandparents and aunts as well.  She was just a little girl and had no responsibility for what occurred.  Shame on the family for treating her badly.

    There are a million other things that will occur to me as time passes, but I think these four things have bearing on the case.


  3. Morning After

    October 1, 2011 by myeye

    Thanks to all my blog and FaceBook friends that watched Dateline last night and then let me know what they thought.  Since I didn’t watch it, I now have questions.  Was the Deputy District Attorney David Waymire interviewed or did the elected DA Kari Brandenburg do the talking?  Was there discussion about the deceased’s relationship with a man in Phoenix?  Was there an interview with him?

    I am very glad it’s aired and is over and I can get back to my boring, humdrum life.

    Last night I took photos of the roof on the back of my house — I needed the sun behind me.  This morning, I took the photos of the roof on the front of the house with the sunrise behind me.  I am so happy with Billy’s work.  The house is much quieter and “tighter” feeling.  The new skylights are self-curbing so sit up higher than did the old skylights.  My neighbor, John, is coming over today to work on the (endless) chores list.  I’m thinking we should replace the kitchen window.  It is in very bad shape and lets so much dust sift in.  I’ll ask John when he gets here if we can move that chore to the top of the list.

    Back of the house, from North end to South end.  See how blue it looks.  I’ve always wanted a metal roof!

    Sunrise (almost):

    Here’s the front of the roof – south to north.

    and then, the porch that has to go.

    The roof on the porch — very bad!