a October 6th, 2011

  1. A Different Look At Sunrise – Skywatch

    October 6, 2011 by myeye

    Oops!  I’ll be late getting to the office.  Just as I was going to take a shower, I saw the western skies turn red and gold, reflecting the sunrise.  Fabulous — well to look at.  Today we have high wind warnings so there will again be no balloons flying.  We should be back on course tomorrow morning — quite cold, but clear.  On today’s agenda, Wendy will meet me in the early afternoon to take Nola (with Holmes) to Alamogordo for the dog shows.  She (Nola, not Wendy) is looking so adult, but still acting like such a baby.  Late this afternoon, Adrienne has another volleyball game — I’m taking the camera.  Visit Skywatch Friday to see beautiful skies from around the world.

    Please forgive the power lines.  This morning I don’t have time to take them out.