Chase’s Birthday Party

October 17, 2011

Chase had a quiet birthday at home with his current wife Treasure.  She’s very pregnant and wasn’t up to going out dancing.  Their babies are due in ten days.


Treasure conked out while Chase was still raring to go.  So he sang to himself.

Thanks MC for the happy birthday photos.


  1. Builder Mama says:

    Hahahaha! Well, isn’t that usually the way?

  2. Dawn says:

    I love that you sang to yourself! Dude you are awesome. Happy Birthday Chase!

  3. jean from NM says:

    Oh boy! Did you guys eat all the cake? Didn’t you save some for mom? 🙂

  4. Mary says:

    Oh, Chaseman, you are just a party animal!

    Happy Birthday big guy!