Coming To A Mailbox Near You

October 3, 2011

This is the cover of the Fall 2011 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America News Bulletin.  If you are a club member or a subscriber, watch your mailbox.


  1. Trenton says:

    Looks great and can’t wait to see Cappy in it. He got a lot of great comments over the weekend at the Specialty. Now I get to let everyone else see him. Thanks for all your hard work you do a great job.

  2. Kathy says:

    WOW, what a cover photo!!!

  3. carol says:

    nice! can’t wait!

  4. Susan says:

    Thanks for all your hard work, Penni!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE X 3 that cover photo! 🙂