Let’s Straighten Something Out

October 26, 2011

At 8:00 this morning, in the park overrun by dog shows ten days ago, I met up with Diana who is a veterinary chiropractor.  Diana mostly works on horses, but is kind enough to help with the Cardis.  She lives in Belen, which is south of us, so meets me in Los Lunas on her way to visit the horse farms.

When I saw Holmes on the 13th (he’d been gone since August), I was shocked by how bad his topline looked.  This is a dog whose topline has always been rock solid and level.  He had a dip and a rise that had not been there previously.  He also wasn’t gaiting freely.  I had been so disappointed in his placings for the two weekends before the 13th.  However, when I saw him, I knew why he hadn’t been winning.  So I called Diana.

Holmes’ back was seriously out of alignment, as was his neck.  Diana did a major adjustment and I trotted him around.  He looked like the dog I’d had earlier in the summer.  I can’t imagine how uncomfortable he must have been.  I don’t know how he hurt himself — probably wrestling with the big(ger) dogs.  But I can say for certain, the adjustment made a huge difference.

Nola also needed adjustment of her pelvis, left rear stifle, and her neck.  I always know how Nola hurt herself — she is the Cardi version of Rocky The Flying Squirrel.  She is now moving much better.  We’ve set up another appointment before I take them to Pueblo.

The moral to the story is that I need to meet with Diana regularly to keep things straightened out.


  1. amanda says:

    i get my guys worked on regularly too- they are tough dogs and often don’t show a lameness at all even though they are broken. lol

  2. DeAnn says:

    We have a Chiro that comes down from Spokane about e/o month. “Knock on Wood” all of the girls were great and needed minimal adjustments last time. Ditto on the tough dogs… Glad Holmes is feeling better. I hate when my back/neck is out. OUCH!