Morning After

October 1, 2011

Thanks to all my blog and FaceBook friends that watched Dateline last night and then let me know what they thought.  Since I didn’t watch it, I now have questions.  Was the Deputy District Attorney David Waymire interviewed or did the elected DA Kari Brandenburg do the talking?  Was there discussion about the deceased’s relationship with a man in Phoenix?  Was there an interview with him?

I am very glad it’s aired and is over and I can get back to my boring, humdrum life.

Last night I took photos of the roof on the back of my house — I needed the sun behind me.  This morning, I took the photos of the roof on the front of the house with the sunrise behind me.  I am so happy with Billy’s work.  The house is much quieter and “tighter” feeling.  The new skylights are self-curbing so sit up higher than did the old skylights.  My neighbor, John, is coming over today to work on the (endless) chores list.  I’m thinking we should replace the kitchen window.  It is in very bad shape and lets so much dust sift in.  I’ll ask John when he gets here if we can move that chore to the top of the list.

Back of the house, from North end to South end.  See how blue it looks.  I’ve always wanted a metal roof!

Sunrise (almost):

Here’s the front of the roof – south to north.

and then, the porch that has to go.

The roof on the porch — very bad!


  1. kaye says:

    No, No and they said the investigator, telephoned the man in Phoenix, but he refused to talk, so it was dropped. I found that to be the strangest part of the story, why wouldn’t they force him down to the police station and talk to him. A very sad story, regardless of perspective!!

  2. Kim says:

    Yes, they talked to the Waymire. Yes, the relationship was discussed, extensively… but no there wasn’t an interview with that person, they made it sound as it was someone she made up. Although they did show the western union receipt.

  3. jean from NM says:

    What a sad, sad story. I feel especially bad for Ellen’s children. Wasn’t that entrapment (the way they wormed the story out of her son)? I think they make it appear that Ellen had killed her husband while he lay in bed — but if you’ve ever known or worked with women who are in abusive situations, you can understand her actions. You, Penni, came across as professional, caring and very, very competent. Good job!

  4. Sandy says:

    Yup, with no blood trail to follow, or cartridges to pick up etc., etc., etc. the shots from the feet toward the abdomen, i.e. “she shot him while he was laying on the couch” could have been her shooting him after he had already fallen from the first shots at him while he stood to attack her. Waaaay hard to put a crime scene together 8 years later. Have to give a congrats on the cadaver dogs’ work though.

  5. I love your new roof! How excellent to be tighter and quieter (and snugger!) just as winter approaches! Hooray!