Some Of Us Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

October 23, 2011

Nola came in season at the show last week.  Yesterday she reached an “interesting point” — or so says Holmes.  So, I have separated the inseparable which results in an inconsolable Holmes.  He is whining and crying non-stop.  Last night in my bed, he cried under his breath.  Poor Holmes. he wants to lavish special attention on his little sister — which is not going to happen.  He also doesn’t want to eat this morning.  I had managed to put a couple of pounds back on him since he came home from Camp Wendy.  It looks like I’ll be starting over on that project.  Darned boy dogs!

Tater thinks he should breed Nola and drives her nuts when he gets near her.  At 4 months old, I think he is dreaming, but I’m keeping a close eye on the precocious little man.  Inca is bored with it all.  She has volunteered to eat Holmes’ breakfast, but otherwise is not involved in the soap opera.

Maybe later I’ll take a nap in the car.

Tater is still available to a show home.  He looks more stunning with each week that passes.  Onofrio has posted the results from Mesilla Valley two weeks ago and AKC has posted the Grand Champion points from that show.  Holmes now has 23 points and has completed all the other requirements.  I’ve entered him in Pueblo where we will try to get the last two points.  Holmes also needs a home — he is a sweet dog that would love agility and tracking with his very own person.


  1. Jeri says:

    I think I’m actually quite lucky, because Nash is not a pain when Lizard is in season. He’s a little annoying but not very persistent. I feel for those of you that have really determined boy dogs LOL.

  2. nancy says:

    Gosh! This reminds me of the bulls. All fat and sassy, then you turn them in with the girls and they go to hell in a handcart. Love, lust, just about kills them. Poor Holmes and don’t you trust that little Tater tot for a minute. When they can “get” them, they will. I don’t envy you for a minute in your predicament but it will be over soon. It just feels like the season is going to last forever. Have a glass of wine, that would fix it for me! Good Luck.

  3. I hope last night was better than the previous night! I don’t do well, when I can’t sleep………………