Sunset and a Red Puppy

October 10, 2011

Yesterday John (my neighbor) and my high school football player worker made inroads into the chores at the house.  They replaced the outside back spigot.  It turns out it had been leaking underground for a long time.  So now there is no leak and I can spray things with the hose.  We winterized the swamp cooler (which means we will have some 90 degree days soon), and put a louvred bi-fold door on the hot water closet.  Jared cleaned up goatheads — nasty little flat growing plants with stickers that are hard on people and dog feet.  Tater and Inca helped them so it probably took a little longer than it should have.  Little Tater has opinions about everything.

He will listen to reason

Then we all watched the sunset.  It was a very good day for the house chores and for the herding members of the family.


  1. Jeri says:

    He has such lovely expressive eyes. I love the reds with thick eyeliner!

  2. Kim says:

    Oh my goodness what a doll! And on the chore front…it definitely feels good to knock things off the list.