While We Were At The Show – Herding

October 17, 2011

Susan and Chase were herding.  Susan is working Chase up to some advanced exercises and he is doing a nice job.  This is a video clip of him taking sheep from the pen, across the field, through the panels. Good boy, Chase.  As always, thanks to Cheryl for the movie.

Here are some still photos. Note the bull in the background. Chase is as happy to move him as he is to move the lambs. (Just no stinkin’ ducks!)

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  1. Susan says:

    Chase is doing a fabulous job. Listening isn’t his strong suit, but he is agreeing that maybe I do know something. This cross-drive is his first ever without me helping. Up until this run, I have only done Intermediate cross-drives with him (I stay 15 feet to the side and walk him and the sheep across the field). This time, I stayed at the pen. I am very proud of the boy. He has been herding for 13 1/2 months total!!! A year ago at this time, he competed for his HT. I thought we were about a month too early to even do that.

    I LOVE the photo Cheryl took of him standing looking at the sheep.