a November 9th, 2011

  1. It’s Wednesday Already?

    November 9, 2011 by myeye

    I’ve been less than diligent about blog posting.  It’s certainly not because there is nothing to talk about.  It’s just Bulletin time again.  In addition to laying out ads for the magazine, I am trying to do some income-generating work.  I really need to win the lottery.

    This morning Holmes and Nola went back to Dr. Diana for a chiropractic adjustment.  I was so happy that Holmes had held his adjustment from two weeks ago.  He is much more comfortable.  Little Nola needed a minor adjustment to her right hip.  Since she flies around the house and yard, “just” a minor adjustment is amazing.  Even though we are done with dog shows until 2012, I like the dogs in shape and feeling good on an everyday basis.  Holmes seems to love his Obedience Class.  He’s attentive and happy.  Nola is signed up for a class beginning January 12th.  I know she’ll be a superstar.  She has attitude to die for.  Little Tater — what can I say?  Tater is the premier sock thief.  Whether it’s a dirty sock on its way to the laundry room or a clean sock out of the washer or dryer, it belongs to the red puppy.  He pounces on it and out the dog door they go.  I have to bend over at the dog door and ask him to “bring it.”  Pretty soon he comes trotting back in carrying the sock which I may then retrieve.

    Tater is still available to a show/performance home.  I’m very taken with his personality and athleticism — not to mention the way that little body is put together.  I love my boy dogs and wish I could have a houseful of them.  Not saying Naughty Nola isn’t fun because she’s a hoot, and old Inca is happy and pleasant.  I just love the boys’ sweetness and desire to please.