a November 14th, 2011

  1. At the Office But Not Wearing Makeup

    November 14, 2011 by myeye

    Sometimes mornings are too fast.  This was one swift morning.  Saturday I noticed that when Naughty Nola ran and when she stood, she was turning her left rear foot out.  That’s not something she normally does so I texted Dr. Diana, the Chiro Vet, and asked if she could feel Nola.  She said 7:30 Monday and then we are off to a horse show.  Of course I said okay.  This morning I was up in the dark, fed the ravenous beasties, jumped in the car and headed to the park in Los Lunas.  That’s where Dr. Diana, the dogs and I meet up.  I was all the way to the park before I realized I had not applied makeup.  Once in the parking lot, I looked at my calendar (thank you iPhone) and confirmed that I would be seeing no people today — other than my office mates — so too bad for them.

    Nola (a/k/a Rocky the Flying Squirrel) had knocked her left hip out of alignment which resulted in the foot turning and a slightly stilted gait.  She feels much better now and is thinking she is hot stuff because she is the office dog again today.

    We are working hard — I am way behind and it is once again time to build a Bulletin.  I wish Nola had thumbs because I could use some filing help.