At the Office But Not Wearing Makeup

November 14, 2011

Sometimes mornings are too fast.  This was one swift morning.  Saturday I noticed that when Naughty Nola ran and when she stood, she was turning her left rear foot out.  That’s not something she normally does so I texted Dr. Diana, the Chiro Vet, and asked if she could feel Nola.  She said 7:30 Monday and then we are off to a horse show.  Of course I said okay.  This morning I was up in the dark, fed the ravenous beasties, jumped in the car and headed to the park in Los Lunas.  That’s where Dr. Diana, the dogs and I meet up.  I was all the way to the park before I realized I had not applied makeup.  Once in the parking lot, I looked at my calendar (thank you iPhone) and confirmed that I would be seeing no people today — other than my office mates — so too bad for them.

Nola (a/k/a Rocky the Flying Squirrel) had knocked her left hip out of alignment which resulted in the foot turning and a slightly stilted gait.  She feels much better now and is thinking she is hot stuff because she is the office dog again today.

We are working hard — I am way behind and it is once again time to build a Bulletin.  I wish Nola had thumbs because I could use some filing help.


  1. Taryn says:

    LOL! My officemates have the misfortune of seeing me without make-up every single day! I take the time to style my hair, but it ends there!

  2. nancy says:

    I don’t worry about the makeup anymore, just lipstick. Hope that “Rocky” is doing better. It seems the more athletic, the more they hurt themselves. Plus she is not just the Princess Ch show dog, she has other skills, like head chief sofa snoozer. Sounds like everyone is having fun and at the end of the day, that’s what counts.