Holmes’ Hips For OFA

November 1, 2011

Holmes was two years old in September so I set a hip/elbow x-ray appointment for him first thing this morning.  The elbows look normal — I’ve had no Cardi elbows be anything other than Normal.  Here is the hip x-ray.  Tell me what you think, and when I get results from OFA, I’ll let you know what the vets there think.


  1. Cheryl says:

    WOW! They look like excellents to me! Good job!

  2. Le'o says:

    Maybe the positioning is slightly wonky but I bet he gets a “good.”

  3. c-myste says:

    I’m going for “good”. They don’t seem to give ratings within good 🙂 and don’t seem to like giving cardis excellents.

  4. Sarah says:

    Your vet needs to get more inward rotation. The femurs should be parallel. In Cardis you need to almost over-rotate to do it correctly. As they are I see greater than 50% socket coverage which is awesome, good seating, no divots or calcifications, and just a slightly square head on the femur. I would say Good definitely in my opinion.