So, Now We’re Having Fun

November 12, 2011

Holmes and I have been attending Obedience Class.  This was week 3.  He is SO HAPPY.  Holmes loves to work with me.  His heeling is becoming competitive.  He’s learned to stay closer to me than he did in conformation and to adapt to my speed whether brisk or slow.  His turns are prompt and sharp.  He is learning the auto-sit.  It’s not as straight as I want it to be, but that will come.  He drops on command, he recalls like a freight train (if freight trains had tails to wag).  I don’t know when I will find just the right home for him, but if he’s still here come Nationals, we’ll earn his CD at the two GSDC shows in March, finishing at the National Specialty.  I love a happy working dog and that is Holmes at this point.  I’m going to start him on holding the dumbbell just in case we find him a  home where he will continue in training.

Whoo Hoo!


  1. Sandy says:

    Awesome! Obedience is so fun for the people but double fun when the dog gets a kick outta it! Sounds like he will finish lickity-split! Where do you train Penni? I just realized Journey is 7 months and we could do something like obedience through the winter months. (Now that we are down to only 25 boxes left to unpack!)

  2. Cheryl says:

    Love it when the dog is having fun!!!! He’ll be a star in performance as well!