Thanksgiving — on to Christmas

November 25, 2011

We should have spread these holidays out more.  The dates are really pretty artificial so, it seems to me, we could give thanks in the Spring or Summer and then have Christmas in the winter.  Since I am in charge of nothing, that’s not going to happen.

Tater’s on an airplane headed to Dallas this morning.  One of the Cargo guys that checked us in has Corgis (the other kind), and fell instantly in love with the little red guy with huge ears.  Tater told us all what he thought about being locked in a crate while we were walking around the Cargo office.  Look out Riley — your brother is a heathen!

I am hopeful that when Tater shows up at the Alvarado shows this weekend, someone will fall madly in love with the little guy and ask Lisa to hand him over.  He deserves his own home.  He also definitely deserves to be a show puppy.  I so enjoyed having him at the house.  Nola particularly will miss him because they were best buds.  Holmes played with him quite a bit, however, Inca gave me the pitiful “Can’t you do something with him?” look.

No herding today because it has rained since 10:00 last night — still raining steadily.  That has not deterred the Black Friday folks.  The mall parking lot is full.  People even lined up at Sams Club at 3:00 this morning.  They still had two of the Dyson that’s on sale — which is all I cared about.  Watch out dog hair!

Nola and I are at the office.  I’m going to catch up on a couple of projects and then work on the Bulletin.  A few hours today and a few more after Obedience class tomorrow will make Monday very pleasant.