Thanksgiving Weekend

November 28, 2011

When I look back at the past week — the trauma of Mike dying, trying to catch up at work and get the Bulletin done, herding in the cold yesterday — it’s hard to believe that I am sitting at my desk this morning as if it was a normal day.  Lots happened, so this is a recap:

Tater went to Lisa’s on Friday night and on Saturday went to his forever show home with Kathleen McCombs.  He is a fortunate baby to have found people that are crazy about him.  Yesterday Tommy (Chase/Scout) earned his 14th Championship point.  He just has one more point to go and he will be CH Mockingbird It’s the Magic in Me.  His owner is doing a great job with him.  Eleven month old Tommy is his Daddy’s boy — loves to go to shows, loves to watch TV.  He is our Lowri’s littermate.

I came into the office on Friday and Saturday to work on the Bulletin — not finished, but close.

Yesterday Nola and I went herding.  IT WAS SO COLD.  The elevation where the stock is housed is over 7,000 feet and the wind was really blowing.  So I just added balaclava and hat-with-ear-flaps to my shopping list.  I need to go to Sportsmans Warehouse before we herd again.  I think we are going to begin herding at a place that is only twenty-five minutes from my house.  We’ll have to do it on a weekday, but I’ll work that out.  It will be so much better than driving an hour and a half each way.

Time to kill trees — I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.