Chase Is Ranked

December 15, 2011

Front & Finish Magazine (Obedience) ran a special: two subscriptions for the price of one so Smooch’s owner and I split a subscription.  DeAnn just emailed me that the Chaseman was #5 Cardigan for Novice A & B for 2010.  Wow!  I felt like we were just scraping through.  I’m so proud of the happy guy.  Cheryl and Susan built me another calendar for Christmas.  It features Chase and his look-alike daughter Lowri.  I LOVE it as you can imagine.  They also found a vendor that does car decals from a photo of the dog.  It is the coolest thing!  It means I need to wash my car windows — that could happen.

. . . and here is the decal — it will probably have to wait until the weekend when I have some daylight.

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  1. jean from NM says:

    Truly AWESOME! Huge congrats!