Beautiful Day For Herding

January 1, 2012

Ellen and Nola went to Chris and Claudia’s place to fit in a herding lesson.  The weather is perfect — dry, cool, sunny.  Our Naughty Nola loves to herd.  Here are a couple of video clips.  The first clip is actually the last part of her lesson for today.  Watch her tail while she is in a down waiting for permission to round up those sheep.  She’s the happiest girl!


This is the first part of Nola’s lesson.  She started on goats, but they aren’t active enough to keep her interest.  You’ll see that she trolls for sheep poop snacks when the goats are inactive.

ps – Chase did not qualify today in his Advanced Sheep run.  He went into rodeo-mode — baddog!


  1. Taryn says:

    I didn’t think to turn my speakers down, and Nola’s happy little yips just caused pandemonium here in my house! My guys are now outside searching the yard for the source.

  2. susan says:

    Nice job, Nola. Nice job, Ellen! Love the commentary on that last videl (VBG) You are going to have lots of fun with her, Penni!