a February 13th, 2012

  1. Congratulations Smooch and DeAnn

    February 13, 2012 by myeye

    A few weeks ago our Smoochie finished her BN (Beginner Novice) and RN (Rally Novice) titles in three days.  DeAnn sent me this photo.  Doesn’t it make you smile.  She certainly has that same “watch me get in trouble” expression that we see in Nola’s eyes.

  2. Bye, Holmes. Please Love Him.

    February 13, 2012 by myeye

    Holmes left for Chicago today.  On Saturday I had worked myself over to the point that I could drop him off at American Air Cargo.  We showed up, but it was too cold in Chicago at the time he was scheduled to arrive so they sent me home.  I had my boy for two more nights.  Today it should be in the low 30s in the Windy City (specifically at O’Hare), so the cargo office accepted him.

    I froze water in one of the required food dishes, gave him one of the new fish toys, he had an antler, he was wearing his Thundershirt.  I bathed him yesterday so his coat was gleaming and his white was blinding.  There he sat on the scale at precisely 70 pounds (if he’d weighed more, the fish toy would have been overboard).  I posted this photo on Facebook while I sat in the parking lot and cried my eyes out.  I love this boy.

    To Anne, Josh, Oliver, Zoey and Holmes’ new Cardi sister Chloe — please love the stuffin’ out of Holmes.  He deserves it.

  3. Uncle Pilot Best of Breed At Westminster

    February 13, 2012 by myeye

    We are so happy for Carolyn Cannon, Mandy Katasse and Dixie Rae Sick because “Pilot” BISS GCH C-Myste Baledwr Free to Disagree was selected Best of Breed at Westminster this morning.  What a thrill!  Carolyn certainly deserves a win of this magnitude.  Now on to Herding Group this evening!

    Libby was Best of Opposite Sex and Cain was Award of Merit.