a February 14th, 2012

  1. Cubs or White Sox? Holmes’ First Evening At Home

    February 14, 2012 by myeye

    I’m not sure which way Anne’s household leans — whether they love the Sox or the Cubs.  You’d think a red-blooded young male Cardi would be after the Cubs (if he saw any), but he’s a Chase son and like all his half siblings, he loves television and socks.  He doesn’t much care the color.  So, watch out Anne.  The boy steals socks.  If they are on the floor or the edge of a bed or in an open, low drawer, socks are fair game.  So, now you’re warned.

    Tonight Anne send me this report of Holmes’ first evening in the Windy City:

    “I wanted to let you know that Holmes is doing fantastic.  I LOVE him.  When I first brought him home, I let him sniff around the yard for a bit and brought him inside.  He was just taking it all in. Chloe was going crazy, so I separated them for a bit.  After a couple hours, I took off his Thundershirt and sat with him.  Then he was ready to play! Tail wagging, giving kisses.  He is such a sweet boy, and his temperament is so relaxed.  I tried to keep my son from being up in his business too much, but he was talking to him, telling him “Hi Holmes! Hey guy!”. He is interested in the kids but hasn’t figured them out yet.  He sat in the bathroom while i gave them their baths, LOL.  After they went to bed he followed me around for a bit, and he was laying right by the side of bed while I was doing homework.  I just put him in his crate for the night.  I think he wanted to come back into the bedroom, but I figured for the first few nights it would be better for him to sleep in his familiar space.  Chloe isn’t crated at night anymore, so when Holmes gets comfortable enough, he will probably have a bed of his own in my bedroom.

    ‘He already fits in here like he’s been here all along, so that’s a good thing. I am so thrilled to have him!  I will be sending some photos of his first week here.

    ‘Please don’t hesitate to call or email to check in.  I know he is very special to you, so I know that this was not easy.  But he is in good hands here.  Thank you so much for allowing us to have him. He seems happy already!”

    Don’t worry about me hesitating to call or email — would never happen:-)   But tonight my heart is at ease.  Love you, sweet boy!  Thank you Anne.