a February 20th, 2012

  1. The Rest of Pepper’s Story

    February 20, 2012 by myeye

    Last week I posted about a Cardi/Cattle Dog cross that needed a home.  As a puppy, Pepper had gone to live in a man’s backyard — 24/7 — in the back yard.  The Flight Attendant that lived next door had periodically spent time holding and playing with him, but other than that, he received no affection.  The man decided he couldn’t take care of the youngster.  The flight attendant took him home (she rescues cats).  There ensued the great cat round-up which apparently was wild and wooly.  The flight attendant decided she couldn’t keep Pepper and handed him off to a lovely older couple that lives out in the canyon.  They have two rescue dogs and the youngster was a bit much for them.  Nonetheless they took him to their vet where he was checked out, given a clean bill of health, and vaccinated.  They sent email to some of the people in our local dog training club indicating the dog was a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  That pricked up ears and I received a “help” email.

    Last Friday I picked Pepper up and took him home.  Because most of my other dogs are off at shows or herding, only Inca was there to greet the little guy.  As long as Inca gets her share of attention, she doesn’t care who I bring home.  I posted on our Southwest Cardigan list about Pepper.  Within hours I received a call from another local Cardigan person that had a family that wanted a Cardi and would consider a cross.  Pepper was healthy and up to date on his shots.  He needed to be neutered.  The woman who called me is a vet tech.  Her vet knows the prospective adopters and said she would neuter at no charge.  Pepper is so sweet and happy — he wants to be touched and held and stroked, but has no behavioral issues.  The prospective adopters are a couple with a three-year old daughter that have had Pems.

    Yesterday I came into Albuquerque and met the family at my office..  What do you think happened?

    So Pepper went off to be a happy dog with his very-own-little-girl.  Lorelei looks pretty pleased as well.  I just love happy endings!