Back to Herding

February 26, 2012

Nola hasn’t had a herding lesson in more than a month.  I typed “heeding” and that would also be correct.  Today we went to Claudia’s so Ellen could see what (if anything) Nola’s silly girl-puppy-brain had retained.  The answer was “not so much”.  I expect after a couple times back on stock she will remember.  Today, however, she was more interested in sheep poop, a grain pile, the dogs working on tending in the next field.  The tending dogs were using the heavier sheep so Nola’s choices were the goats or some wild, hairy sheep.  We tried the wild hairy sheep but that was simply a big chase around the field.  So Nola had to make do with the goats.  The weather was gorgeous and she had a few moments during which she looked like she might have been on stock before.  I think every one of those moments was captured on the camera.

There is really a plan.  Nola will be entered in the Cardigan-only trials in California the week before the Cardigan Nationals.  Ellen will be helping her earn her HT.  As soon as she gets home from California, she gets a bath so we can drive to Ohio — 27 hours on the road.  We’ll see if Nola will also be a back-to-back herding dog and show dog.


  1. Red Dog Mom says:

    Ever since the 2009 National in Kansas, I have an abiding hate of goats when they are associated with herding…..

  2. Jenn says:

    Good girl, Nola. It’s hard to concentrate on such a sunny, warm day. We enjoyed seeing you in Denver (Carson still thinks you’re beautiful-I know, boys), but look very much happier now that you’re home.