a March 18th, 2012

  1. Oh My, She’s So Pregnant

    March 18, 2012 by myeye

    I asked Kathy for a head shot of Keina — for a little project.  She sent me a head shot, but there is also a body in the photo — a huge, puppy-filled body.  Poor Keina!  Hang in there girlie — this week they’ll be out in the world.

  2. Louisville – the End

    March 18, 2012 by myeye

    Lowri was again Best of Breed, Scout was select.  Jim Reynolds did nothing with Chase (which surprises me, but it’s another dog show).  This BOB finishes Lowri’s Grand Championship.  Cheryl will have a long day of hanging around for the Group but I’ll bet she manages.  Ginger was not entered today so she’ll go to Nationals with 13 points and three Majors.  What a great show for The Ocho and their parents and owners, breeders, and friends!  The next time we get together will be in Ohio.