Chase Has A 2nd Leg and The Bulletin . . .

March 25, 2012

Chase is in Cumming Georgia for a herding trial this weekend.  We got no love yesterday, but today he and Susan earned his Second Advanced Sheep leg.  Hopefully he will finish his HXAs at the National Specialty Herding Trials.  I am so proud of them both.  Kearney earned another point toward his Dual Championship — he’s sitting on 14, and Treasure earned her first Started Sheep leg.  A good morning in Georgia.

Meanwhile in California, Nikki (Chase/Magic) was Best of Breed over other Specials.  She was Best of Opposite Sex the first two days of these shows.

The Bulletin . . . I am at the office putting in all the corrections found by the proofreaders.  There really are not all that many — just need to transfer them from their notes to the master.  By 2:00, this issue will be on a flash drive and I will have printed out a high resolution copy for the printer.  As always, I will be so very happy to have it GONE.

Enjoy your Sunday.