St. Patty’s Day – Sugar in My Coffee

March 17, 2012

What a morning the Louisville contingent has had!

Lowri was Best of Breed over 14 or 15 other Champions.  Now on to Group for her  — send good thoughts!

Ginger was again Best of Winners for another 3-point major.  Ginger has 13 points with three majors.  She isn’t entered again until the National Specialty.  (Lowri and Ginger are Chase/Scout daughters.)

Chase received another Award of Merit.  I am so delighted with his AOMs because: 1) He’s not been to a dog show since last July, 2) Lowri is in season — in the ring with him, and 3) Cheryl K shows Lowri.  Cheryl is Chase’s Foreign Exchange Dog Host Mother — and he loves her.  So his AOM is for the dog that is the best at trying to gait backward.

So my thanks to Janet Suber, Cheryl Kienast, Kathy Metcalfe, Cheryl Mika (handling the uncooperative Chase), Susan Shields (at home in Tennessee feeding the stock and minding the small herd of red dogs that did not go to the show).  May the road rise to meet our judges for the weekend: Kathy Davis, Emily Fish, Charles Olvis, Stephanie Hedgepath (Herding Group this afternoon), and tomorrow, Jim Reynolds.


Kathy McCombs had her Keina xrayed for puppies this morning.  We are in for a huge influx of Chase babies.  The vet could see 8 distinct puppies, and parts of others.  She’s thinking 10 or 11 puppies.  Keina is so huge (has gained 10 pounds) that she can’t fit through the dog door, can’t climb stairs, can’t even get up on the couch for some cuddling.  Fortunately, Kevin is there to satisfy Mama Dog’s every whim.  The vet does not think Keina will make it to Thursday (her predicted due date) — so watch this spot for puppy announcements.

Happy St. Patty’s day.  Okay — enough celebration.  I’m at the office, Nola is herding with Ellen and it’s time to try to complete the Spring Issue of the Bulletin.


  1. Wow!!! CONGRATS!!!!! 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    What a great day! Thrilled to hear the news of a BIG litter coming (Sorry Kathy and Keving ). Hope they are everything you want!

    Yay for Lowri, Ginger and Chase! What a weekend!