a April 11th, 2012

  1. One Little Joey Jumpin’ On The Bed

    April 11, 2012 by myeye

    This morning bright and early, our Naughty Nola, Ellen Gerwin, her mom Vi, Ellen’s Cardi Banjo and her Pems Echo and Wish (I think Wish was going along) headed off to the land of Tofu and Perrier.  They are entered in the All-Corgi-Herding Trials in Southern California.  Next year, if the organizers want to do it, AKC will permit the two breeds to be combined into a single event.  In any case, GO LITTLE BADDOGS!  They’ll get in a couple of practice sessions, the trial days are Saturday and Sunday, and everyone should be back late Monday.

    Since Chase is still in Tennessee and Holmes is securely ensconced at Anne’s home in Chicago, I have but a single dog here.  Inca aka The Red Empress is alone.  I assure you she did not outwit nor outplay all the others.  She just outlasted them.  She is jumping with joy because she loves being THE DOG.  It is very funny to watch the change in attitude:  she is the only dog being fed so the crate door is left open, she is the only dog on the bed, so she can arrange herself in whatever fashion suits her.  She has the run of the house (because unlike her usual roommates, she does not steal socks).

    Although there will be a level of craziness here as I try to get my stuff together for the 10-day trip to Ohio, I plan to do some special things with her.  She should be rewarded for outlasting and being named the sole survivor — even if it is temporary.