a April 15th, 2012

  1. You Go Little Red Girl!

    April 15, 2012 by myeye

    According to her trainer/handler Ellen Gerwin, today in California Nola had a splendid run.  She earned the second leg for her HT.  SO NOLA HAS LETTERS!!!  The group is on its way back.  Nola has a chiro appointment with Dr. Diana on Wednesday.

    On Saturday morning, we will head up to Colorado Springs.  From there, with Jessica Viera, we will be on our way to Huron Ohio for our National Specialty.  Everyone is entered.  Chase is entered in Advanced Sheep and Started Ducks on Saturday and Sunday.  Lowri is entered on Started Ducks.  On Monday afternoon, Jess and I will arrive and unpack, set up our grooming areas and get all of our stuff to our rooms.  We’ll let the dogs run in an arena of attached multiple x-pens.  On Tuesday morning, Holmes will finish his RN and BN titles.  Tuesday night Chase and Inca will compete in the Champions-only match we call the Megan.  On Wednesday, Nola and Lowri will show in puppy sweepstakes and Inca will show in Veteran Sweepstakes.  Thursday, Chase will show in Herding-Titled Dogs.  Friday, Nola is entered in American Bred and Inca is entered in Veterans.  Saturday, Lowri will be in Best of Breed.  If Chase wins Herding-Titled, he will be in Best of Breed as well.  Later on Saturday, Nola and Inca will compete as a brace of very cute red girls.

    Now that’s only a list of the events for dogs I own/co-own.  Lots of Chase children are entered in various events so I will be busy with camera and pom poms.  YAY!  GO LITTLE BADDOGS!

  2. Little Surfer Girl

    April 15, 2012 by myeye

    Despite the rain and wind on Friday, yesterday was clear for Day 1 of the Southern California All-Corgi Herding Trials.  Ellen has no cell service up on the mountain at Judy’s ranch (host location for the trials).  So on her way down the mountain, Ellen called to let me know that our Nola had earned her first HT leg WITH FLYING COLORS.  I’m not sure if that’s relative or if she did a really super duper job.  There is video which will be downloaded when the herding folks are home.  I’ll post Nola’s runs and you can join me in learning the meaning of  “with flying colors”.  I’m very proud of the little girl and grateful to Ellen who has been working with her since last summer.  Because I represent someone behind whom to hide, I’ve been banished from herding practice and not seen Nola herd for the past few months.

    Ellen’s Cardi Banjo earned his first HSA leg with a 95.5 and a High In Trial!  Pretty fabulous work, I’d say!

    Fingers crossed for today’s runs.