a April 24th, 2012

  1. So Far

    April 24, 2012 by myeye

    It was a really long drive.  On Saturday I drove to Colorado Springs which is 7 hours from my house.  Jessica and I left at 6:00 AM on Sunday heading for Ohio.  We stopped along the way for gas, to walk the dogs, and to pick up two more dogs.  Sunday we drove for 19 hours,  We stopped in Terre Haute, walked and fed the dogs, slept for 4 hours.  Another 6 hours of driving on Monday and we were at the resort.  I checked into my room which is at the end of the resort furthest away from the Dog show area — bummer!

    What has happened — phone reports first:

    On Saturday, Chase earned his third leg for his HXAs (Advanced Sheep Herding title).  His daughter Lowri was High in Trial — an astonishing accomplishment for a 16 month old entered in the trial classes for the first time.  She was also High Scoring Champion.  Kearney completed his Dual Championship.

    On Sunday, Chase earned his first Herding Championship point, Lowri earned a Started A Duck Herding Leg, Treasure earned a Started A Sheep leg and was Reserve High in Trial.

    At the show:

    Today Holmes earned a second Beginner Novice leg and completed his Rally Novice Title.  He had a pile of rosettes, toys, and treats for his accomplishments.  Anne was very happy and I was so proud of them both.  I met Josh and Oliver.   Hopefully tomorrow I will meet their new little girl puppy “Lira”.

    Tonight Chase and Inca did nothing in the Megan — though both looked very nice.  Lowri and Nikki (Chase/Magic) both made the final cut to six in a huge, quality-filled class of brindle girl champions.  That was pretty exciting for us.

    Tomorrow is sweepstakes day.  Nola and Inca will be shown as well as several other Chase kids (Rango, Riley, Killian, Lowri and Ginger).  I hope to get more than 4 hours sleep tonight.  More thorough report tomorrow with some photos.