April Second – Snowing?

April 3, 2012

It rained most of the night — I could hear it on the skylights.  Sometime early this morning, it turned into snow and three hours later, it is still snowing.  The visibility driving in this morning was about a football field.  Because this is New Mexico, whenever there is a menacing cloud in the sky, many of our drivers feel obligated to run into one another.  When there is real snow falling, the obligation quadruples.  The trip in this morning was a little harrowing.  The Element was made for this weather, but we certainly had to watch out for the other guy!

The front yard when I first looked out this morning

The Element with its little snow cap

The Courtyard at the Office — you can see the snow falling

As we always say, “But we really need the moisture!”


  1. Jeri says:

    Yep, snowing here too…we have a few inches of very wet, heavy snow. 🙂 We definitely need the moisture…the snow cap is so low this year I’m afraid the whole state is going to burn!

  2. jean from NM says:

    Love your description of NM drivers in the snow. How true — but glad you and the Element made it to work safely.