Report From (not so) Sunny California

April 13, 2012

Today Ellen and the herd of Corgis practiced for the herding tests/trials this weekend.  Here is Ellen’s report about Naughty Nola:

“Nola is back to her bad self today.

‘No video as it was raining.  I did work her for a short time before it started pouring rain.  Cindy [Traylor] said she looked good and she should pass with flying colors.  She is naughty as when I was trying to leave the arena the wind kicked up and grabbed the really heavy gate from my hands at the same time Nola slipped her collar and took back off after the sheep — and all of this in a pouring rain.  She will be getting her collar tightened before tomorrow 🙂  We are back at the hotel, the muddy wet dogs are in the car, Gimme is the “special” dog in the room with us, our tummies are full and we are all going to take a nap!”

Nola was a little sick yesterday morning — probably all the travel and changes.  Obviously she is cured!  I expect her collar stretched a little in the rain.  Now why was it I gave her a bath?

I’ll report on her first HT try tomorrow.  Think good thoughts for the little red baddog and her traveling companions.

Inca Dink says life is VERY good!