Telecommunications Are The Best

April 7, 2012

Another day of hanging out waiting for the phone to ring.  It was so worth it!  First, Anne called.  She and Holmes went to their first Obedience Trial.  Holmes earned the first legs of his Beginner Novice title and of his Rally Novice title.  These were Anne’s first ever trials as well.  I’m so very proud of this team.  Holmes flew to Chicago in mid-February.  Their first obedience class was on March 6th — one month later their first trial and first green ribbons.  Whoo Hoo!

. . . then a text to let me know that in Birmingham, Chase/Scout son “Tommy” finished his Championship owner-handled to that last point by Betty Moore Smith.  What a wonderful team they are.  Tommy has his Dad’s sense of humor.  Betty and Ted enjoy him as the all-time greatest house dog.  Tommy is CH Mockingbird It’s The Magic In Me.  “The Ocho” was bred by Janet Suber– have we ever had fun watching Sally, Lowri, Tommy and Ginger compete!  Still out there showing from time to time is Alli, and sharing the love are Abby, Nick and David.  Super litter with nice people.

. . . then Susan called.  She was out working Chase today in preparation for the Herding Trials at the National Specialty.  She described his work today as FABULOUS.  I never thought I would hear that word attached to Chase’s work.  The Chaseman loves to rodeo so for him to do “fabulous” work is a huge break-through.  I will be driving from New Mexico to Ohio while he is competing — I hate not seeing the trials, but reality set in a few weeks ago and I acknowledged I cannot take two full weeks off work.  I think Cheryl plans on videoing the runs.

I hereby declare April 7th A GREAT DAY!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Whoo-hoo! A GREAT DAY INDEED! Wonderful news on so many fronts! Congratulations to EVERYBODY!