a May 19th, 2012

  1. McCombs Black Dinah’s Travels

    May 19, 2012 by myeye

    This morning I caught the 9:05 flight to Dallas.  Unfortunately another plane was malfunctioning so we all waited to board until 48 passengers from the sick plane boarded our plane.  Then us regularly scheduled folks climbed on.  It made us 45 minutes late.  When I walked out the door at Love Field Lisa Anderson was there to whisk me away to Waco.  We were about a half hour late, and everyone else was there.  Kevin had put out a fabulous spread so we ate before we worked over the eight Chase/Keina babies.

    Three of the eight puppies are extra nice.  There is a boy (who will be called Connor) that is a Chase mini-me.  He was “teal boy” and I like him very much.  He will be staying in Waco with a new to dog shows owner.  Kathy will co-own him and help his owner learn to show.  There is a red girl that is quite nice that will be staying with Kevin and Kathy.  She was lime green.  And — ta da — the red brindle girl flew home with me.  She will be McCombs Black Dinah.  She has a lovely side gait, is nicely balanced.  She has a coat that will be easy to groom and keep looking lovely.  Next Saturday, she will hop on a Delta flight and travel to Atlanta where Cheryl will pick her up.  For the next week though, she is MINE!

    Notwithstanding an accident on the freeway, Lisa returned me to Love to catch my 8:15 flight home.  Because some Houston passengers were late, this flight left Dallas nearly a half hour after its scheduled departure.  So Dinah and I had plenty of time in the waiting area to meet people.  The nice people at Starbucks gave me a small bowl for her so she had water available.

    This is representative of our hour and a half in the airport:

    Hey, people?  I’m here and very cute!

    First victim was 2 year old Lexi

    . . . and this 23 year old melted

    That was the beginning of a parade of people of all ages that paid homage to the little princess.  She was a huge hit.  If Cheryl’s goal is for Dinah to meet 100 people by the time she is 12 weeks old, we made a remarkable start.  On the plane ride home, she whined a little when the flight attendant did not give her pretzels, but I shared and she went back to sleep.

    This is one cute baby!