a May 20th, 2012

  1. Eclipse

    May 20, 2012 by myeye

    How fascinating!  Standing in my backyard, facing west wearing tint material, looking through the 210mm lens of my camera . . .  Although I could see the development of the eclipse, the camera could not take the photo directly.  If you look at the following photos, you will see a gleaming orb.  Next to it is a shadow photo that is of the stage of the eclipse at that moment.   I don’t have a clue how/why the photos came out this way, but they are very cool!

    I think this is way cool!

  2. Making a Big Change

    May 20, 2012 by myeye

    I am moving my office to the Village of Los Lunas.  The office I will be renting is a 15 minute drive from my house.  It is just down the street from the Railrunner Station and a mile from the new Valencia County Courthouse, located on Luna Avenue.  This move will give me back an hour and a half per day of time and cut my gasoline bill by 2/3.  When I need to be in Court in Albuquerque, I can ride the Railrunner ($1.00 round trip), then hop Albuquerque’s “Downtown Get-Around” which is free for the ride to Federal or State District Court.  Although I have enjoyed sharing space with my Daughter in Law’s ad agency, I’ve really needed to be hanging out with lawyers and, frankly, losing a couple of hours per day in traffic is a bummer.  That left over gas money — I’m sure it will go to the dogs!

    July will be fix-up month, painting and carpet in the new place, then moving all my stuff.  August 1st I will officially be housed in Los Lunas.

    I am very excited and relieved and anticipating the good things this change will mean for me.  Dogs can still come to work so all is well!