May 20, 2012

How fascinating!  Standing in my backyard, facing west wearing tint material, looking through the 210mm lens of my camera . . .  Although I could see the development of the eclipse, the camera could not take the photo directly.  If you look at the following photos, you will see a gleaming orb.  Next to it is a shadow photo that is of the stage of the eclipse at that moment.   I don’t have a clue how/why the photos came out this way, but they are very cool!

I think this is way cool!


  1. Cheryl says:

    WOW! Great photos, Penni!

  2. Very cool, indeed. I remember, the last time we had a solar eclipse here, that all the little bits of sunshine which had filtered through tree leaves to the ground were in the shape of the crescent-at-the-moment….

    Alas, that was long before I always had a camera with me.