Finally – National Photos

May 25, 2012

The conformation photos took forever to arrive ( a month).  If you look at the back of the podium, you’ll see it actually has a dip in the center.  I don’t think that helped getting the dogs stacked nicely.  Jess persevered though.  Here are the photos of Nola and Inca — where the red girls are.  Inca had a great time.  She hadn’t been a show dog for 8 years, but joined right in.  By the end of the Specialty, she was up in her crate and ready to go every time someone came near her — funny old girl.  Nola was coming into season (came in on Friday of the Specialty) so she was especially wound up.  They were both fun to watch.

Gramma Inca

Naughty Nola

By the time Brace was done on Saturday, we had an hour before the dinner began to load the van (had to be out of the grooming area by 11:00 PM).  So we did not get a photo of Chase and his girls for his placement in the Stud Dog class.  I do have performance shots of Chase and will get some of those up in the next few days.


  1. Susan says:

    Pretty girls!

  2. So beautiful !
    Congrats !!!