Well, It’s About The Well

May 29, 2012

Murphy was in charge of the Memorial Day Weekend.

On Saturday, early afternoon, the well pump gave up the ghost.   The neighbors and I agreed we would hold out until today so that we did not pay the holiday premium for the drilling company.  The non-holiday charge was going to be bad enough!  Everyone has the money to pay his/her share (IT’S A MIRACLE!!!).   None of us are taking a vacation this summer.  Instead we will all take at least two showers a day and pretend we are standing in a waterfall on a tropical island.

Our drilling company had us first on the emergency list when I stopped in on the way to the office.  Matthew (owner) said they will have a new pump/motor/control panel installed today.  I cannot wait to get home and stand in that tropical waterfall.


  1. Cheryl says:

    Okay, that works for me–think of a tropical vacation while showering! The miracle is that everyone has the money to pay their share! AWESOME!

  2. Taryn says:

    Oh the joys of home ownership!

  3. Kathleen McCombs says:

    Wow…that’s great that everyone has the money to pay their share! Hopefully they won’t “lose” their share before you go to collect. Glad the drilling company put you top on the list.