What I Want In A Veterinarian

May 24, 2012

I have not had a veterinarian that meets ALL my needs since I lived in Ohio.  My vet there was a large and small animal vet.  My experience has been that the combo-vets are more practical in their approach to veterinary medicine and that they don’t hate breeders.  Overall, they are not appreciative of people whose dogs run loose and are impregnated every six months so the owners can sell puppies for $100 at the side of the road.  However, they really do like people who health test and who try to build a better dog.

This week, I interviewed a veterinarian named Jerry Cosper at Arrow Animal Hospital.  Amazing!!!  He has the clinic that is nearest my home.  A farrier and another veterinarian (who only does shots and microchips) both told me he would be the right doc for me.  I believe they are correct.  I made an appointment and took Chase in because Chase is licking a spot on his right front leg.  This man actually cared about what I thought might be going on.  He checked Chase carefully and found no break in the skin.  We both decided it was probably psychological — Chase got bored during Nationals and began to work on his leg.  But, we also talked about breeding and whelping and uterine inertia.  We talked about waiting and giving oxytocin shots versus getting the C-Section done and saving the puppies.  We talked about current shot protocol (frequency) and raw feeding (I couldn’t get an opinion out of him, though he said, “do whatever keeps your dogs healthy.”).

He will come into the Clinic to perform an emergency C-Section for a regular client who has done progesterone testing and knows when a litter is really due.  He will make a house call — though I can’t imagine that would be necessary.   I am such a happy camper.  Naughty Nola has an appointment tomorrow morning for her rabies and DAPP boosters.  She is heading off to Texas for the month of July and I want her shots to be current for Angie.*   At some point Jerry will meet Inca who will do old dog Sitty-Uppies for him.  Puppies this winter (I hope) and a new puppy in the early spring . . .  I’ll keep Jerry busy (actually, I hope not).  I am so happy!

*  Nola is going to Texas because there are red dogs in their dog shows — she won’t be the only red dog for 300 miles.


  1. Cheryl says:

    I am SO jealous! I haven’t been happy with my veterinary care since I left Denver. So glad you found this one and he’s CLOSE BY! WOW!

  2. Carol Teal says:

    Awesome! Now, find me one in Colorado Springs!

  3. Jeri says:

    I’m actually thrilled because I found a vet here that seems pretty promising too! I had been taking the dogs to a place recommended by a friend, and I did really like the vets there, but while their prices for regular care were just slightly above “normal”, their prices for extra care like teeth cleaning etc were astronomical! I don’t mind paying a bit more for vets I really like but I do have a limit LOL. I called around a found another one that had very good reviews, and took a test dog in for a visit. 🙂 His wife shows whippets and in general he seemed to have a wonderful approach to treatment…and the teeth cleaning I then scheduled was extremely reasonable. I haven’t talked to him about litters etc (since it’s not currently on my radar) but am hopeful that he’s the vet for me. I hate finding new docs (for people too!)

  4. jean from NM says:

    Isn’t he wonderful? He’s taken care of all three of our dogs since we’ve lived down this way. Does he have a FB page? We should sure “Like” him.

  5. Janet says:

    Do you think Chase’s licking might have something to do with him leaving herding behind? Or is he still herding with you? We’ve had a Cardi who used to get a little OCD, including licking, when he wasn’t able to work. He was one who always needed to be doing something.