June, 2012

  1. Chase Is Agile, But I Am Not

    June 29, 2012 by myeye

    Last night Chase and I attended our first Agility class since he was a puppy.  He played agility with Cheryl while he was in Tennessee and he loved the game.  To make this work (until I move the office the end of the month), Chase has to spend the day in Albuquerque with me.  That’s not a hardship for him — he loves visiting all the folks in our courtyard and helping me work.  Yesterday we had special guests as well.  Ratigan and David are thinking about getting a corgi and trying to decide which brand they want.  They came to visit at the end of the day.  Chase was delighted to meet them and while we sat and talked in the courtyard, other people took Chase for walks and played with him.

    Class begins at 7:30.  That means we don’t get home until after 10:00.  I think it was worth it — at least for Chase.  The instructor had us back up a little because we are teaching Chase to work at a distance.  That is the only way I can possibly play agility with him (short of a whole-body transplant).  He had to learn to stop at the bottom of the contacts because that is the place/time during which I move into position for the next series of obstacles.  It certainly doesn’t mean I s-t-r-o-l-l into position, but it gives me a second more time.  The instructor also wants him to only jump 4″ in practice.  He can easily jump 16″, but I will trial him in Preferred so he will be jumping 8″.  Her theory is that a dog has only so many jumps in it, it’s clear Chase jumps high and clean, so she wants to save his front as much as possible. Chase is a deep-chested boy and the last thing either of us wants is to injure him or to contribute to breaking down his front.

    We will have a great time!  I’m going to visit my storage units this weekend and pull out my jumps and the weave poles so we can get in some practice at home.  With the weather, Chase gets hosed down before he begins practice or class — he loves that too.  Shaking water on bystanders is among his favorite activities.

  2. One Dog Down and One To Go

    June 28, 2012 by myeye

    Pretty blue Thumper will be going to a forever home in California.  The brindle girl puppy is, however, still available.  She is delightful and inquisitive.  I can see her in a home with a bunch of children.  I think the entertainment would be mutual.

  3. We Have Our Dogs, Our Computers, Our Golf Clubs, and Each Other

    June 27, 2012 by myeye

    My son and his wife live in Colorado Springs.  Their home is up above The Garden of the Gods and they never dreamed that the wildfire could get to them.  Because of high winds, the Waldo fire doubled in size last night.  This morning, law enforcement came into their development and gave everyone 10 minutes to evacuate their homes.  The fire had not yet reached their area, but evacuating with the fire burning around them was not what the authorities wanted to deal with.  So, when my son called me, he reported was that he and Debi were safe, they were staying with friends, the dogs were running the friends’ five acres, their cars, computers, and golf clubs were safely with them.  Debi also grabbed five years of tax returns — isn’t that a commentary on government that we would think we needed our tax returns — even more than family photos and letters?

    I am hoping for rain for the Springs and for the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico where the largest fire in our history still burns.  It has destroyed nearly 300,000 acres.  Meanwhile the most active hurricane season in history is underway, already with more named storms than we had in the year of Katrina.

    Today my mother would have been 87 years old.  Sadly she missed out on the last 48 years.  She was widowed when she was 36, when she was 39 she died of cancer.  She never met her grandchildren.  How often I wish I could send her a plane ticket to come visit with me, and to enjoy Adrienne and my sons and their wives — she’d have loved the baddogs, too.  Many things in life are just not fair!

  4. It’s Pretty Grand

    June 25, 2012 by myeye

    Here is Chase’s “New Grand Champion” photo with Dr. Anselm at the Colorado Springs Show on June 10th.  Thank you Jessica Viera for putting up with the silly Chaseman for the weekend (as well as helping him earn two 5-point Grand Champion majors at Rio Grande and Coronado Kennel Clubs over Mothers Day weekend).

  5. Available

    June 24, 2012 by myeye

    Two of my friends have Cardis available to the right homes.

    Dove is 12 weeks old, has all her shots, is on heart worm preventative.  She is one of the Keina /Chase puppies born in March.  Dove is inquisitive, outgoing, and very, very sweet.  She would be a wonderful obedience/rally/tracking dog or you can sign her up to sleep on your bed and go on walks with you.  If you are interested in this little girl, contact Kathleen.

    Also available is a two-year old blue girl.  She has her Championship, is house broken, leash trained, even knows some tricks.  She is very athletic and agile, has good health test results, spayed.  She would be a wonderful agility dog as well as a happy sidekick.  Please contact Lisa if you think Thumper might belong at your home.

    You may complete the puppy application at the top of this Blog and I will forward it to Kathleen or Lisa.