a June 27th, 2012

  1. We Have Our Dogs, Our Computers, Our Golf Clubs, and Each Other

    June 27, 2012 by myeye

    My son and his wife live in Colorado Springs.  Their home is up above The Garden of the Gods and they never dreamed that the wildfire could get to them.  Because of high winds, the Waldo fire doubled in size last night.  This morning, law enforcement came into their development and gave everyone 10 minutes to evacuate their homes.  The fire had not yet reached their area, but evacuating with the fire burning around them was not what the authorities wanted to deal with.  So, when my son called me, he reported was that he and Debi were safe, they were staying with friends, the dogs were running the friends’ five acres, their cars, computers, and golf clubs were safely with them.  Debi also grabbed five years of tax returns — isn’t that a commentary on government that we would think we needed our tax returns — even more than family photos and letters?

    I am hoping for rain for the Springs and for the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico where the largest fire in our history still burns.  It has destroyed nearly 300,000 acres.  Meanwhile the most active hurricane season in history is underway, already with more named storms than we had in the year of Katrina.

    Today my mother would have been 87 years old.  Sadly she missed out on the last 48 years.  She was widowed when she was 36, when she was 39 she died of cancer.  She never met her grandchildren.  How often I wish I could send her a plane ticket to come visit with me, and to enjoy Adrienne and my sons and their wives — she’d have loved the baddogs, too.  Many things in life are just not fair!