Gearing Up For The Weekend

June 6, 2012

My list is always very long.

With dogs, one cannot be footloose and fancy free.  I have to plan.  Yesterday I picked up Nola’s health certificate.  This morning Nola and Chase visited with Dr. Diana, our Chirovet, who adjusted them.  Then I stopped at American Airlines Cargo and picked up a blank airbill (saves the #10.00 charge).  I’m trying to work ahead so there are no crises on Friday.  Friday morning (very early), three dogs and I will hit the road.  On the way through Albuquerque, I will drop Inca and her food at Brock, Angela, and Adrienne’s house.  She will entertain them until Monday morning when I will pick her up again.  Then Chase, Nola and I will continue to Colorado Springs.  We hope to arrive around 3:00 and get Nola, her travel crate (with documents), and food to Jessica.  Chase and I are going to stay with my son Marc and his wife Debi — at their house — if Chase and their JRTs will make friends or at least tolerate one another.  Cardigans don’t show until 12:50 on Saturday so Chase will be bathed Saturday morning and then we will make every effort to earn his last two Grand Champion points.  I thought he needed only one, but AKC and I differ on that issue.  Saturday night us Cardi friends will get together to do something for dinnerIt will be great to visit with Carolyn and Tom and Jeri with Jessica.

Sunday we don’t show until 12:30 so will, once again, have a leisurely morning.  It will make the trip back to Los Lunas long and late.  Nola will not be making the trip back.  She is going to California on Monday morning to attend some shows in red dog country.  Of course, the weather is always an issue.  Her trip will take her to DFW on Monday morning and Dallas has been very hot.  Fingers crossed.

I’ll report in as the weekend progresses.  There may be something really special to talk about — think good thoughts!


  1. Cheryl says:

    Fingers crossed for the Chaseman! I know Inca will have a grand time as will Nola!

  2. Susan & Connor says:

    Dear Penni and Chase… As I was getting ready this morning I thought of you all and said some prayers for good travel and sucess at the show on Saturday. Looking forward to reading what happens on Saturday. Safe Travels… Hugs, Susan & Connor