Two Puppies Available

June 7, 2012

Two little girls from the Chase/Keina litter are available to wonderful pet homes.  Contact Kathleen McCombs if one of them should be your dog.

This is the littlest of the puppies.  Kevin and Kathy call her “Little Bit”  She was “purple  girl” when they were still wearing rick rack to help identify them.  She is a “fluffie” and so sweet tempered, definitely a snuggle bug.  She just wants a family with which she can share every day.

This puppy is called “Dove”.  She was orange girl.  She is inquisitive and bold.  I can see her as a member of a family with lots of children.  She loves to play and to explore.  She has potential as an obedience and rally competitor.


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  1. Nancy Wirz says:

    Oh! Dove has just stole my heart, such a cutie.