July, 2012

  1. Awww. Isn’t Holmes Handsome

    July 20, 2012 by myeye

    A few weeks ago, Holmes and Anne completed his BN title.  They’ve become such a good team.  Here is his title photo.  I’m very proud of them.

  2. Goooo, Smoochie!

    July 18, 2012 by myeye

    DeAnn sent me this video of Smooch’s first full Agility course.  Look at that little peanut go.  What fun she is!

  3. Filling In

    July 13, 2012 by myeye

    There is so much to do that I am paralyzed.  I’m trying to get the office ready to be moved at the same time we’re preparing the new space to be moved into.  I’m also trying to keep up with my clients’ legal needs.  Fortunately the dogs don’t do damage if they are not constantly entertained.  Speaking of which, we’ve now missed two straight weeks of agility class.  The class was canceled on July 3rd because of fireworks and family get-togethers.  Last night Chase and I were driving to the building and saw a black cloud settle over the area in which it is located.  Then we saw lightning.  We drove into the parking lot at a couple of minutes after 7:00 and received a call that class was canceled.  Since it’s outside, I understand the reasoning, but we could have gone home at 5:00 instead of hanging out at the office until 7:00.

    Chase had a wonderful day yesterday.  He was so happy to go to work for starters.  When we arrived, I lifted him to the ground — he was too fast for me.  Our conference center was in use with the door open.  Chase was off like a shot, galloped into the meeting to say hi to all the international visitors being oriented by the City’s International Visitor Division.  The man that was running the meeting was outraged, but all the visitors made a big deal over Chase.  Of course, that made it very difficult to get him out of there.  Finally I said, “Chase, front!” in my God voice and he did a perfect front, wagging the entire time.  Whoo hoo, sez Chase — let’s party!  At lunch time, there were children in the Courtyard so he played with them (and the Arby’s lady gave him a curly fry), and when we left to go to the Club for agility class, there were more kids outside.  My office mates always greet him like a long-lost friend.  Yep.  The Chaseman had a great day even without our agility class.

    Today I am picking up the flooring and the new blinds for my new office space.  John-across-the-street will spend the weekend measuring twice and cutting once.  When the flooring is down, he’ll replace the freshly painted baseboards — and we’re ready to go.  My friend Doug (who has moved my office and my house every time they’ve been moved), will come take all the stuff down to Los Lunas the last weekend of July.

    The Comcast service is already installed.  That’s a story!  Did you know that if you are getting a new phone number, Comcast will not give you that number until the day of installation.  This is the “Business Class” service.  My fax number could not be moved because it is out of the “rate area”.  I need new stationary, envelopes, business cards, but couldn’t order them until I had the fax number.  I must notify half the world that I will have a new address and fax number.  After much wrangling, I ordered installation almost a month early — just to get the phone number.  Last week, someone called to see if my service was working satisfactorily.  I said “I wouldn’t know because I have not moved into the space.”  Then I told them what a ridiculous situation their “Business Class” policy regarding phone numbers created.  The caller hung up on me.  Perhaps today (since it is Friday the 13th), I will have time to call my sales rep and tell him about the caller — or maybe not.

    Hopefully I will report on Monday that the space is ready.  Someone out there have some fun for us this weekend.

  4. Just Ask

    July 9, 2012 by myeye

    My birthday was in mid-June — actually I was forced to share Fathers Day this year.  Lowri and Susan and Cheryl were going to the Western Carolina Dog Fanciers Association Shows in Waynesboro NC.  I asked them (imagine whiney voice), “Do you think, for my birthday, you and Lowri could get a Group Placement?”

    By golly, that afternoon, Susan called to tell me that Lowri had earned her first Group Placement — a Group IV.  The moral to the story is if you don’t ask, you will not receive.

    Note how svelte Cheryl looks!  Thanks for my present!

  5. It’s Cooler and a Weekend Report

    July 9, 2012 by myeye

    We had some rain last week.  Now a cold front is moving in — doesn’t mean it will be “cold” — just not 100 degrees.  The rain was great although I am now on call to attack weeds that will be taller than I am in no time.  It’s okay.  We desperately needed the moisture.

    The baddogs and relatives had a terrific weekend.  Lisa Anderson DVM. whose Chase litter was born June 24th (last summer), finished her Riley this weekend at Dallas.  Riley is Chase’s 9th Champion — 6th to finish this year.  This was Lisa’s first Cardigan litter and we are so happy for her.  Her official name will CH Snapdragon Something Unspoken.  Riley now gets to do the fun stuff.  Riley’s litter brother Killian is on the road with Angie Hall and earned another 2 points yesterday.  The handsome red man is now up to 6 points.  His big half sister Naughty Nola — also with Angie — earned another 2 points yesterday.  She is up to 8 points with one of her majors.  I hope she gets her little baddog self home before summer is done.

    In Illinois, our friend Anne, took Holmes to DeKalb for Beginner Novice competition and he finished his BN title.  Holmes is now GCH C-Myste The Game’s Afoot At Elyan RN BN.  Anne is very proud — and so am I!  Pretty Dory, the  girl Anne got from Amy Hill, was again Best of Breed over a Champion, for another point.  Dory is up to 9 points with one major.  Next weekend Dory has major shows, so we all need to cross body parts that Anne and Dory are successful.  By the way, Anne’s “kennel name” will be Bella Cardigans.  Bellisima!

    On Monday morning I always ask, “what happened to the weekend?”  Today is no different — so much stuff did not get done!  So, I’ll go in to the office where there is also so much stuff that has not been done.

    Have a great week.