A week or so to report

August 3, 2012

The big news is that I am finding my new office very serviceable and have lost only a couple of items (that I know of).  Clients came to the office yesterday — that was fun because it made the move real.  I am very far behind, but working on catching up.

Last night was agility night.  The instructor said (as she does every week) Chase is awfully fast.  Yep.  That is true.  I am getting faster and doing better with my body language which seems to be the real key to agility.  Last week’s class had as a high point the moment when Chase was completing a sequence, I said “Go Tunnel!” and he paused in mid-air to look at me.  “GO TIRE!,”  I yelled and he completed the course.  Chase’s handler is a ditz.  We’re having a great time overall.  Last night we raced off the agility field trying to get to our cars before the rain and lightning hit.  Unfortunately, out here in the sticks, we received no rain — just enjoyed the light show.

Inca has been very naughty for the past month.  She has decided to pull up the tiles in the laundry room, which is something I had planned to complete some year.  Each evening she also looks at me, squats, and pees at the spot where she has uprooted the tile.  She has the run of the house and is not doing damage anywhere but in the laundry room.  Her favorite pee spot is ten feet from her dog door.  Sunday I am going to disinfect the laundry room — maybe that will make a difference.  I think, however, she will continue to be bad until Nola gets home.  She and Nola are side-by-side best friends.  Inca thinks Chase is a big dumb guy and no substitute for her happy granddaughter.

Speaking of Nola, she is entered in three more show weekends and then she is coming home — finished or not.  She is at the end of the show budget for the summer.

Last weekend, Anne (Holmes’ mom) put the finishing points on her girl Dory.  It was a fast finish — I think Dory has been with Anne for about 10 weeks.  I’m so proud of them.  This week, she and Holmes earned his Canine Good Citizen award.  They begin Competitive Obedience Class next week as they work toward Holmes’ CD.  Anne also has a website up and running.  She has lots to add, but it’s fun to browse.  Visit Anne and Bella Cardis at http://BellaCardis.com

I’m very tired because I have been staying up to watch the Olympics when I get home from wherever.  I loved the women’s gymnastics.  Little Gabby Douglas is such a cutie — and so very talented.  Since I used to swim competitively, I must cheer for the swimmers and enjoy Missy Franklin’s 500 Watt smile.

This weekend is the Three Pines Classic (ASCA).  Amy Hill will be here from Florida and Ellen is running a couple of her dogs.  I’m going to the ranch tomorrow to cheer them on.  So, another short weekend.   I hope yours is longer.


  1. Nancy Wirz says:

    The weekends are never long enough. No dog shows for me but I will be cheering my son on in a half marathon. Long distance running has always been his passion but with 3 young sons is difficult for him to train and compete. I am an Olympics junkie also and have nothing but admiration for our dedicated yong men and women. GO USA!! Enjoy your weekend and good luck for Nola. Naughty Inca should know better at her age to distroy Mom’s house. HA!

  2. Nancy Wirz says:

    Sorry! My speling was atrocious. That was young men and women. Inca was destroying not distroying the house. It’s Friday!

  3. Cheryl says:

    I’m also tired from staying up past midnight to watch the Olympics–yup, I’m a junkie for the Olympics! Gabby was AWESOME! As are Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin! So happy for all of them! Poor Inka–she just wants her pal back! Have fun at the ASCA trial! I’m taking Baby Dinah to a fun match down around Chattanooga on Saturday! Hope she moves on lead this time !