That’s When We Lost Control

August 13, 2012

Today was Chase’s first business day at the new office.  One of my office mates is a Bail Bondsman.  Today a family came in to post bail.  They had four children with them and those kids love dogs.  The next thing I knew, Chase was out of my office and romping down the hall with the kids.  He got himself completely wound up and began dashing in and out of offices to visit everyone.  He was so delighted to have children with whom to play . . .  I’m not sure he will be welcomed back.  Old Inca may have to be the only office dog because I know that Naughty Nola will behave exactly as Chase did.

I love my Cardis!


  1. Cheryl says:

    Ohhh, I know EXACTLY how he was acting! Have seen it in person!

  2. Nancy Wirz says:

    Poor Chase! He just wanted to play with the kids. My ACD bitch and my daughter’s Aussie think that the 7 month old grandson is their puppy. God help the person who ever even thinks of harming that child. They’ll be toast. Aren’t herding dogs great!!

  3. Sharrie Brockhaus says:

    The picture in my mind of Chase running in and out of offices brings a smile to my face. Thanks, Chase!

  4. Maryk says:

    And your problem with Chase’s behavior is …????

    He’s the best babysitter you can have for client’s kids. Works cheap too. hahahha!