The Nola Has Landed

August 28, 2012

Miss Nola and I were back at the house by 10:30 last night.  The shipping charge was $50 less than United/Continental had quoted me.  What a nice surprise!  When I took Nola out of the crate, I learned the reason for it.  Angie sent no hair with my little red girl.  So the crate and dog weighed substantially less that we predicted.  She is nekked.  I assume that means she is planning to be in season earlier than mid-October which is when she is due.  It really doesn’t make any difference — whenever she decides, we will have a week of Chase calling my attention to the fact that I am preventing him from impregnating her.  He spent so much time in Tennessee that he does not care that she is his daughter.  So — woe will be Chase!

Nola, Chase and Inca had a noisy, roiling reunion through the house and out into the yard.  I’m glad the whole pack is back.  I needed more dog hair to vacuum up.