a September 9th, 2012

  1. Sunday Herding

    September 9, 2012 by myeye

    What nice weather for herding lessons.  Chase was very workmanlike today — paying attention and moving the sheep as Ellen desired.  As I look at the thumbnails, it appears I took no photos of the Chaseman.  That is probably because this was Nola’s first herding outing since she earned her HT in April.  Honest!  Nola was screaming and throwing herself against the lead.  I removed her herding lead and she ran outside the fence with Chase and the sheep.  She thought it would never be her turn.  Finally!  She was exactly where she and Ellen had left off — though not concerned that I was at the arena.  I love my funny red girl.

    We found a weed flower today.

    While Nola was just playing around, her litter sister Smooch was at an agility trial in Washington.  On Friday she earned her first NAP leg, yesterday she earned her second NAP leg and her first NJP leg.  Come on, DeAnn — post for today!  We’re very proud of DeAnn and Smooch (as well as of De’s other Cardi, Poppy).