a September 26th, 2012

  1. Silver Sneakers

    September 26, 2012 by myeye

    It is time!

    My Orthodoc told me to use a stationary bicycle which is great exercise and will not aggravate my knee.  I don’t want to buy a bike, I don’t want to set one up at the house.  My health plan offers me the benefit of the Silver Sneakers program.  It turns out that the member gym in Los Lunas is right around the corner from my office.  So, I am going to come into town a half hour earlier each day and go to the gym before I come into work.  If I can spend fifteen or twenty minutes on the bike each morning, I know I will feel better and it will speed up the weight loss/conditioning effort.

    If I am going to run agility with Chase, I need to meet his exacting standards for a partner.  Gym clothes tomorrow morning . . .