Weekend Round-up September 15th

September 17, 2012

The Chase/Scout kids headed home to Chattanooga this weekend with splendid results.  At the Chattanooga Dog Show Lowri (GCH Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment HSAd HSBd) was Best of Breed both days and was pulled in the Group on Saturday.  Litter brother Tommy (CH Mockingbird It’s The Magic in Me} was Select on Saturday and Best Opposite Sex on Sunday.  Mama Scout (GCH Jean Louise Finch HT RN CA ROMb) was Select both days.  On Saturday there was a puppy match where Baby Dinah (Chase/Keina daughter McCombs Black Dinah) won the Herding Group.  At the nearby Lure Coursing field, Ginger (CH Mockingbird-Wyncrest’s I believe In Magic) ran like the wind and earned all three legs of  her CA (Coursing Ability Title).  Sister Sally (CH Mockingbird Practical Magic) earned the first leg of her CA.  Go, Ocho!

At home Chase and I worked on weave poles.  Naughty Nola wanted to be in on the act.  Since I have guides on a set of 6 poles, it was a piece of cake for Nola to zoom through and arrive at my front asking for treats.  Now who could resist that red dog smiley face?  Time to sign her up for Agility Prep.  Chase is understanding the dumbbell and yesterday he carried it across the living room while heeling with me.  I’m thinking May for the try for his CDX.

This month the Smooch (Elyan The Evening Echo of C-Myste HT RN BN) will be trialing in Obedience and (I think) more Agility.  Chase has his Agility debut next weekend.  Lowri will be off to more shows the end of the month, and Baby Dinah  will make her grown-up show debut.

I am so very proud of the Gramdkids.

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  1. An excellent weekend, to be sure! Congratulations, all around!!!