First Novice Standard Agility Leg

October 20, 2012

Today Chase, running with Dee Falk, earned his first Novice Standard Agility leg.  He ran the 110 yard course in 20 seconds under the Course time with a perfect score of 100.  He earned a blue ribbon for his efforts.  Forgive the end of the video — I forgot to turn off the camera before I joyously threw my hands up in the air.  His Jumpers run was pretty bad and included him making up his own course and spotting me at the side of the ring with the camera.  Tomorrow the runs are small to tall and it’s supposed to be a bit cooler out.  Maybe we can repeat the Q in Standard and earn a Jumpers leg.  Enjoy this pretty run by (as Dee describes Chase) a florescent green dog.


  1. Cheryl says:

    That was AWESOME! Good boy, Chase!!!!! Great on the teeter!

  2. What a good boy!!!!!!!! 🙂