December, 2012

  1. GCh Holmes CD RA CGC TDI

    December 31, 2012 by myeye

    What a splendid way to end the year!  Anne Kowalczyk and Holmes (GCh C-Myste The Game’s Afoot At Elyan CD RA CGC TDI) went to a small obedience/rally trial this past weekend.  Holmes had his BN (Beginner Novice) with one leg toward his CD (Companion Dog) title, and his RN (Rally Novice) titles going in, but coming out — WOW!  On Saturday, the Club held two trials back to back.  Holmes’ entry for his Novice Obedience did not make it for the morning trial so he only competed in Rally Advanced — and qualified.  In the afternoon, he earned a second qualifying Rally Advanced leg.  After 6:00 pm, he finally got in the ring for Novice and he qualified.  On Sunday morning, he made it three for three and three for three, completing his Rally Advanced Title and his Companion Dog Title.  The icing on the cake is that the CD title completed his mom’s requirements for her ROMb.  (She is “Phoebe” CH Windshyre Stormy Weather).  There were owners of another Cardi competing and they took photos for Anne and she video’ed their dog’s run.  Here are some of my favorites:

    New Rally Advanced Title

    Figure 8

    Off Lead Heeling

    Stand For Exam (The Most Difficult Exercise for Every Cardi I’ve Trained)

    Now That’s a Recall

    Blue and Green — a new title ribbon yet to come because they ran out

    During the Long Down, another dog in line stood up and wandered over to sniff at Holmes.  What a well-trained boy to stay down.  Do you think Anne was holding her breath?

    How proud I am of this pair.  Holmes flew to Chicago last February.  A month later he earned his first Rally Novice leg.  In April at our National Specialty he completed his Rally Novice title and earned the second leg of his Beginner Novice title (BN).  Last summer he completed the BN and earned his CGC.  This Fall he completed requirements for his TDI so he can go with Anne to volunteer at Northwestern Children’s Hospital.  And then — this past weekend . . .

    Wonder what they will wow me with in 2013?  No pressure . . .

  2. Puppies — One of These Days

    December 28, 2012 by myeye

    Dory (CH Raglans Just Keep Swimming) has been here for about a month now.  She’s a happy, funny girl who finished her Championship, owner-handled by Anne, last summer.  She and Naughty Nola are about the same age and are definitely BFF.  The warning is to stay out of their way when they are frapping.  Poor old Inca Dink climbs into her crate facing away from the action.  Chase loves to run with the girls as well, but ends up herding them around — to which neither Dory nor Nola takes kindly.  Because Dory knows she is to be Chase’s newest fling, she has refused to come into season.  I’ve learned that many of the Raglan girls are 7-month bitches.  That means Dory should be in season in January — puppies due in March and ready to go to homes sometime in May or early June.  This schedule is complicating only because Nola (whose seasons are 6-months to the day) is due in season in April so will have puppies in June.  I had not planned to “stack” litters.  Anne and Josh Kowalczyk and I have entered into a lease for the Chase/Dory litter so it will be co-bred by Elyan and Bella Cardigans.

    Here is a photo of Ms. Dory.  I think she’s pretty.  Here is the pedigree.

    Dory at 2 years old

    Just for grins, here is a photo of Naughty Nola a week before her second birthday.

    Naughty Nola (Elyan C-Myste The Times Picayune HT) will be bred to CH Pluperfect Merrymoon Practical Magic “Heath”.  It will be an all brindle litter of charming baddogs.  Here is that pedigree.  Nola needs a 3-point major to finish her Championship, has her HT, and is aiming for her PT at the CWCCA National Specialty March 30-31, 2013.

    We will temperament test both litters at 7 weeks and instinct test them on ducks at 9 weeks.  I LOVE puppies!

    Come on girls!  Get with the program!

  3. Sunrise – Christmas Eve

    December 24, 2012 by myeye

    We have lovely sunrise here and I am fortunate to live near the foothills of the Manzano Mountains.  This is how Christmas Eve began in New Mexico.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.

  4. Our Christmas Wish

    December 23, 2012 by myeye

    It looks like we will have no snow for a holiday backdrop.  The green and red tablecloth just had to do.  We took these photos in shirtsleeves.  Grandma Inca (shedding), Visiting Dory, The Chaseman, and Nola (who is tied to the bench — guess her Obedience School Graduation was indeed a social promotiuon).  We wish you all the happiest of holidays and a 2013 that brings health, happiness, and success.


    Inca to Nola — stop complaining!

    Surely we’re done with this!

    They all wish you many cookies in your stockings!

  5. WOW! Santa Was Here!

    December 17, 2012 by myeye

    Cheryl Kienast sent me a package which arrived on Saturday, but I made it to the Post Office too late to retrieve it.  I picked it up today.  There were lots of fun little things in it — edibles for me and for the baddogs, BUT this is the piece de resistance

    Yes, at my house it is all about the Chase.  Forever more, Jessica Viera will be front and center in my living room, earning Chase his Grand Championship, and there are lots of photos of his children.  How I love the baby baddogs!

    Here is the left side with more Chase and his kids Nola and Lowri and Baby Dinah

    . . . and the right edge with more Chase and kids  Holmes, Lowri, and Nola

    Here’s the left middle with the rare Tennessee Brindled Alligator and more of the kids

    Is this not the coolest gift ever?  Cheryl, you rock.  Thank you so much.